Best Countries Where You Want To Live In


Best Countries Where You Want To Live In

There are many countries of different types in the world. Some of them are the best countries in the world where you want you live in this era of 2018. It is based on your gladness level that which countries you want to live in. It is the decision of yours, doesn’t matter whether you have sources to go there or not. But you have sources to be glad any time you want. So here are some of the best countries according to US news and world report.

1- Switzerland

Located in the Central Europe, it is the small country where glaciated valley is found on the area of 16000 square miles, Alps and lakes are found there. It is known to be one of the wealthiest countries of the world. It is also famous for its non-biasedness. It is a strong country where unemployment is rare, its labour are skilled. This country imposes low corporate tax on its citizens and which makes its economy a powerful one. Its financial services and manufacturing industries also provide a high level of services. The country is so proud of its variance, as it’s a home place for people of different cultures. If you love to be at place which is mountainous region then this country should be your first choice as it has many places where you’ll find mountain peaks and glaciers. It is very stylish that’s why it is an indirect announcement of its tourist to sees its beauty.

2- Canada+

Canada is the 2nd largest country of the world as it covers 40 percent of North American continent. Its more than 50 % population is literate to the level of graduation from some college. In Canada you’ll find life satisfaction, low murder or violation rate, you’ll get distinctive pension, the system where your health is very carefully dealt. You’ll find an utmost peace in the country. Canada has a high standard of living. These are reasons that make this country one of the best countries in the world. Canada is also the largest trading partner of US.

3- Germany

It is the most populous nation in European Union. It possesses the largest economy in the world. It grows its role continuously in international community. Germany has a high level of citizens with high expertise and corruption in low quantity. This country is developed with high new technologies and innovations and it has large stock of wealth. It has leading exporters and importers. It is also good in services like telecommunications, care of health and tourism which help greatly to the economy of this country. This country is very open to the migration of people but due to the crimes that are committed by them within the country is a point of dispute just in recent years.

4- United Kingdom

This country is so developed that it has great impact on economic, political, scientific and culture. London which is most visited city by foreigners. It is also the capital city of UK which is the foremost international financial center. The economic growth of this country is largely powered by the banks and tourism industry. The automobile and aerospace industries are large contributors of industrial revolution and manufacturing in it. These industries’ market of though diminishing but still they are important for the economy. People from outside the country specially admire it.

5- Japan

Japan is the country of most advanced nation of the world. Japan has four islands. This country consists of mountains, and areas full of wood. Though many places are this country are like tribal areas but its people, consists of 126 million, live their lives like urban style. In calligraphy, traditional art, tea ceremonies, and flower arrangement Japan has got fame in all such things. Japan also has heritage of unique gardens, the idol and poetry. Japan has sites of UNESCO. Japan produces largely the electronic equipments, steel and motor vehicle.

6- Sweden

Sweden is located on the border of Norway to the west and to the east of Baltic Sea. It is one of the largest countries of European Union according to the large area. Sweden behaved as neutral since centuries even though that it has the origin of military classes. Its attitude towards human rights and public service is remains positive which makes this country respected internationally. Its education till college and medical care facilities are free that’s why citizens of this country enjoys long life expectation throughout the world. Citizens of Sweden are most free handed people who donate every year on humanitarians.

7- Australia

It is a country which is in between India and Pacific Ocean. Australia’s economy in on market based which is why it is a wealthy nation. The service sector and export of its product are controlling its economy. The nation of this country is sporting in high rates that’s the reason their life expectancy is also higher than any other nation. This country is providing a social security to even wives of old aged people which is named as partner allowance or the like. Every child of this country is on compulsion to go to school from age five to sixteen. It has many nature based gifts such as islands, Great Barrier Reef and Fraser etc.

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