Mysterious Places – Do you want to go?


Mysterious Places – Do you want to go?

You must have seen many places entertaining, adventurous, interesting and may be mysterious etc. but did you ever see all mysterious places of the world. May be you NO, so here are going to tell you few mysterious places around the world. Mysterious or may be questionable. Want to know?

1- Magnetic hill – Moncton –New Brunswick

Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick is the place where everything goes in upward direction. It is because of the magnetic power which grasps the whole area. The mystery began in 1930 and since then it is the focus of tourists throughout the world. It has great attraction for the people who are enjoying the amazing natural phenomenon. There is similar place in India, as well. Scientists are still unaware about the facts of this mystery.

2- The Morake Boulders – New Zealand

The large sized Morake boulders are spotted on Kohekohe Beach of New Zealand South Island. The boulders are on sea floor since billions of years. From where these came from and why the cracks are there, scientists are studying on it. About the existence of boulders, some people believe that these are the old rocks that got present shapes after centuries whereas some people believe that there is some super-natural reason behind it.

3- Longyearbyen – Norway

The Svalbard is situated north of Greenland in the Arctic sea. This place is most attractive and different than other such places. Every year from August 20 to August 23 the sun does not set and there is constant shining. Tourists rush here during this period. It is the only place in the world where sun does not set for four days.

4- Racetrack playa death valley – California

This place is amongst the global hottest places. It is also an interesting phenomenon because of the moving rocks and stones on the surface of the track since 1915. Researchers are also trying to find out the mystery of moving rocks.

5- Eternal flame falls – Orchard Park – New York

The beautiful water fall in New York has a golden flame behind it. It is a fact that water is an affective source to get control over fire, scientists study says that there is existence of natural gas under the ground where the water falls. It is also an attraction for the tourist being an unusual phenomenon.

6- Relampago Del Catatumbo Ologa – Venezuela

The huge lightening activity is unusual but in the south west of Venezuela it’s constantly happening. This area has a huge lightening activity in the world. Researchers are still trying to figure out this mystery.

7- Blood falls – Antarctica

In Antarctica, there is a glacier which is called Taylor glacier. This glacier has a large red water fall which flows continuously. Researchers are trying to find out the reason of red water. No true answer yet came out. The scientists are agreed that the glacier is rich in iron which results the water fall to flow red. Others believe that iron and sulfur made the water red. The mystery is still unsolved.

8- Eye of Africa – Mauritania

The eye of Africa is very large structure which can be called as eye of storm. It is situated in the Mauritania, a large country in East Africa. Scientist and researchers are not sure where the structure came from.

9- The Skeleton lake Roopkund – Uttarakhund – India

Skeletons in Roopkund lake were first found on the indication of a British coast guard in 1942. People believed that every skeleton has been discovered but every year when the snow melts more and more skeletons are discovered which makes chaos. It is said that the skeletons are of Japanese soldiers who died during world war-II. No evidence yet from where these skeletons came and researchers are making efforts to find out the reality.

10- Shiprock – New Mexico

Shiprock is situated in the desert area of New Mexico. It is not something that any other desert has in the world. Scientist of Shiprock had strange behavior on ground. Reason of its creation is also not yet confirmed.

11- Surtsey volcanic island – Iceland

Apollo has taken a location in 1963 containing water. There was found volcano under deep water which could not be seen earlier. The volcano was located in the western island and erupted in 1963. There was development program in 1967. Today it is developed island where scientist and researchers are working.

12- Pamuk kale – Turkey

Pamuk kale is a Turkish word which means cotton castle. It is a lot of terraces of water that itself build up on the ground. Every terrace is filled with frozen water. According to researchers and geologists that this is place is made of travertine where water from hot springs deposited the sediments of rock. But this can’t be true or untrue since there is no proof or any statement against it is present. This place is famous for tourists because of its beauty as well as its mystery that attracts them.

13- Old faithful – Yellow stone National Park

It is a very mysterious place which has an area of 3472 miles. It is in 3 States Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The old faithful area is a source of attraction for many people and many of them visited it every year. It has the geothermal properties and a huge geyser is present there which is boiling water into air of amount 7800 to 8400 gallons. It is of upto 185 feet. The geyser explosion is continuous and of about 21 to 22 times in a day which happens almost every hour. Scientists and researchers are amazed of such a huge geyser into the air and they can’t figure out what causes it to shoot in air and they also are confused that why it happens in almost every hour round the clock.

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