World’s Richest People. Want to know?


World’s Richest People. Want to know?

If we talk about 2018, in this materialistic world almost everyone is running towards chasing money. Even you don’t have worth if you don’t have money. Many people don’t like it though, but this is a fact. As we are talking about money, currency, property etc. Many people think about who the richest people of the world are. We are going to tell you about this list but this is not a certain list rather unstable since positions of businesses are also unstable or fluctuating.

One thing is common among these rich people is that they do work hard to get their earnings. They do extra ordinary work in their respective fields; they invests and may take risks, so one can be envious towards them that their risks get them to reach sky. Anyway, let’s have a look on those people who are successful enough that we are talking about them.

10 – Charles Koch – $ 48.4 billion

Charles Koch is chairperson and CEO of his company Koch industries. He was born in November 1st, 1935. He is involved in humanitarian activities just like his younger brother David Koch. These two brothers have a lot of similarities. His assets worth $ 48.6 billion. Since he is above 80, in the dignity of his age he is on the 10th number of among the richest people of the world.

9- David Koch – $ 48.5 billions

David Koch is the Vice President of Koch industries. He was born in May 3rd, 1940. He also is a charity contributor such as he contributes in cancer research institute, in medical hospitals etc. He is strongly fond of politics and has an attraction towards the Republican Party. He may become lucky during this Trump’s political period. He is a survivor of USAir flight 1493 which accidently collided with SkyWest flight 5569 upon its landing at Los Angeles runway due to which more than 15 passengers died. He assets are worth $ 48.5 billion that’s why he has an upper place from his brother Charles Koch i.e. no. 9.

8- Bernard Arnault – 54.6 billion

Bernard Arnault is chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) which is largest multinational luxury goods amalgamated company of the world. He is also a chairperson of Christian Dior S.A. which is a holding company. He was born in March 5th, 1949. He is a French business magnate, and a wise investor who invested in many businesses of different kinds. His assets worth $ 54.6 billion and because of this he stands on 8th number among richest people of the world.

7- Larry Ellison – 60.4 billion

Larry Ellison is an executive chairman, chief technology officer and co-founder of Oracle Corporation. He was born in August 17th, 1944. He is famous with Larry Ellison though but his actual name is Lawrence Joseph Ellison. In June 2018, Forbes magazine marked him 8th wealthiest person of the world worth $ 54.5 billion but since this list keeps capricious so now he is on number 7th position with worth $ 60.4 billion.

6- Carlos Slim – $ 68.7 billion

Carlos Slim is the owner of his amalgamated or conglomerate company Grupo Carso in which Grupo means group in Spanish and Carso is the combination of 1st three letters of his name (Car) and 1st two letters of his wife’s name Soumaya Domit de Slim (So). He is also CEO of Telmex and America Movil companies. He was born in January 28th 1940. He is a Mexican business magnate, engineer and investor. He is also a philanthropist who has given charities to various companies. He was the richest person from 2010 till 2013. Now with the fluctuating of ups and downs he has got 6th position in this list till now.

5- Mark Zuckerberg $72.4 billion

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his most famous social media channel, facebook, everyone who surf internet must know about the popularity of this website and those who surf facebook must heard about him. He is the co-founder and it’s CEO. He was born in May 14th 1984. He was only 20 years of age when he launched facebook for the first time which was only for his Harvard university campuses selection. Later it expands and has got 1 billion users till 2012. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest among the richest people in the world. He has got the 5th position with worth $ 72.4 billion.

4- Amancio Ortega – $78 billion

Amancio Ortega is co founder and former chairman of Inditex fashion group who retired in 2011. He was born in March 28th 1936. He is a Spanish billionaire. He is very much fond of charity and donated his 20 million to a religious relief firm named caritas international. His assets worth $ 78 billion. In this esteemed list he has got 4th position among richest people of the world.

3- Warren Buffett – $84.5 billion

Warren Buffett is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway which is an American multinational conglomerate or amalgamated holding company. He was born in August 30th 1930 which makes him the oldest person among this list of richest people of the world. He is American business magnate, investor, and a notable philanthropist. He is one among the most successful investors of the world. His assets worth $ 84.5 billion which give him the 3rd place in this list.

2- Bill Gates – $91.5 billion

Bill Gates actual name is William Henry Gates (3). He is the co founder and was the chairman, CEO and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation. Now he is retired and transition from Microsoft to his private foundation Bill and Melinda foundation which is a charity based foundation probably one of the largest firm of its field. He was born in October 28th 1955. He won this list of richest people several times since 1995 and was on 1st place till December 2017. His assets worth $ 91.5 billion which now make him won the 2nd place in this list.

1- Jeff Bezos – $ 135 billion

Jeff Bezos or Jeffrey Preston Bezos is the founder, chairman and CEO of the giant technology company of America named which is the largest internet retailer company of the world. Anyone who knows about internet shopping must have seen this website. He was born in January 12th 1964. This company was initially for online selling books but now it expands to many variety of products and services. Jeff Bezos fortunes worth $ 135 billion making him on the top of richest people of the world.

So reader this is the list of richest people of the world where your curiosity must come to an end. And now as you know about them you must take an inspiration from them so do not blame anyone, do work hard and rely on the Creator who helps hard workers and now start planning to get your own worth. May you be successful one day amen.

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